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Parent Training - ABA Handbook for Parents & ABA Providers
Learn 18 ABA essentials that help boost the outcomes of ABA parent training
Foreword by Lilyan W. J. Campbell, LMFT, BCBA

When I first started working in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), I immediately saw the drastic effects when caregiver(s) were included in the ABA intervention sessions. Over the past 20 years, I have come in contact with many ABA providers who do not include parent training in their daily ABA intervention sessions.

My inspiration for this handbook was, to make parent training more easily accessible. Together with other Behavior Analysts we made this handbook happen.

This handbook is recommended to be used by all ABA Providers and is made accessible for all caregiver(s) involved in ABA sessions. The ABA provider will read aloud so the caregiver(s) can ask questions, work on the assignments with the caregiver(s) during the ABA sessions and assign and review the homework assignments.  If a caregiver wants to use this manual independently, they can also choose to do so.


The most common ABA procedures are included in this manual.  This handbook aims to provide caregiver(s) with an overview of Applied Behavior Analysis as it is applicable to work with their child. The parent or caregiver is with their child more often than those who provide ABA services, which means that they will have more opportunities to generalize and teach new skills.

This parent training handbook focuses on teaching the caregiver(s) three main things: How to teach new skills; how to approach problematic behaviors; and how to expand the skills the child/adult is learning from the structured setting into the home setting.

This handbook has the following content:

  • Information and Background: Information about the strategies we use in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Assignments: Complete assignments to practice what was taught
  • Homework: After each caregiver(s) ABA session, homework assignments can be completed. This will help caregiver(s) practice the strategies again and really see how ABA works in their everyday lives. The homework is related to practical strategies that they can implement during daily life, now and in the future, with their child.
What is included?
The following chapters are included:

1. Foreword
2. Expectations for Caregiver(s)
3. What is ABA
4. Operational Definition
5. ABC
6. Functions of Behavior
7. Preference Assessments
8. Reinforcement
9. Shaping
10. Data collection
11. BIP and Replacement Behavior
12. Basic Antecedent Strategies
13. Basic Consequence Strategies
14. Punishment
15. NET
16. Prompting
17. Task Analysis, Chaining
18 Compliance Training
19. Planned Activities Training (PAT)
20. Generalization
21. Verbal Behavior
22. Troubleshooting Checklist
23. Resources
24. Acknowledgments
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